Parenting brings unexpected challenges, especially when your child faces emotional or behavioral difficulties. 

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Specialized Behavorial & Emotional Support

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Monitoring Medications: Our Ongoing Support

Our expert team will closely monitor every one to three months, or sooner if needed. 

If your child is on medication, we'll provide excellent care. 

Nurturing Your Child’s Happiness:

Whether it's ADHD, anxiety, depression, or other behavioral concerns, we've got you covered. 

Save time and money by pre-downloading the Anytime Pediatrics app and registering your child. Virtual visits are often covered by insurance, just like in-office visits. No hidden fees—experience easy and convenient care by downloading the app today!

For Anytime Pediatrics on your computer, use Google Chrome and for mobile, ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection. Explore the videos below for help. 

Connect conveniently with your pediatric provider using the Anytime Pediatrics app. Have your child's next visit from anywhere; at home, school, or on vacation.

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Virtual Visits

How to Log On for an On Demand Visit

Learn how to log on for an on demand virtual visit with Pirate Pediatrics.

How to Start a Scheduled Visit

Learn how to log on for a scheduled visit with Pirate Pediatrics, including how to upload a picture for your child’s visit.

How to Start a Scheduled Visit

Telemedicine Parent Tutorial Video

Learn how to download the Anytime Pediatrics app, register and request a visit with Pirate Pediatrics.

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We’re committed to helping children and teens with mental health because everyone deserves support.

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Parenting has its challenges, but you don't have to go it alone. With Pirate Pediatrics, you can focus on cherishing important moments, knowing you have a trusted guide by your side. 

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Pirate Pediatrics:

Appointment Policies

Appointment Reminders:

Pirate Pediatrics provides appointment reminders as a courtesy, but they are not guaranteed. Please note your appointment details when scheduling. Verify your correct phone number and opt into notifications.

Behavior/Missed Appts/Late Cancellations: 

We commit to being respectful, and we hope you'll be kind too. We save a time just for you, so please be mindful of others waiting. If you can't make it, notify us at least 24 business hours in advance. Click here for details on canceling or missing appointments. 


All ADHD appointments require both Parent and Teacher Vanderbilt forms 24 hours before your appointment. Due to potential medication side effects, appointments are required every one to three months. Refer to the ADHD Medication Policy for details.

Preventative Visits Required:

At Pirate Pediatrics, we follow the Bright Futures/American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for Preventive Pediatric Health Care. These regular visits are required to ensure your child grows up healthy. During these visits, we monitor their growth, development, dental care, provide vaccines for disease prevention, and offer valuable parenting support to help you and your child thrive. Feel free to explore our new patient orientation guide for more information.

Existing Patients 

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