Nurturing Whole-Body Wellness

for Kids & Teens

 Parents want to help, but many feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. At Pirate Mind & Body, we nurture both body and mind, equipping you to navigate challenging times with confidence.

kids and teens are dealing with tough times.

Seeking emotional support can be frustrating when dealing with healthcare that:

Doesn’t manage behavioral and emotional health
Sends you elsewhere to get help
Doesn’t accept insurance, resulting in high costs
Offers generic solutions
Lacks a personal connection
Drains your time

Don't wait! Reach out for support today! 

Here's our approach:

At Pirate Pediatrics, we know you want your kids to be healthy and happy. 

Exclusive Consultations: Your private and personalized session is focused entirely on you.

Flexible Options: Choose from in-person or virtual visits. We offer separate meetings with parents for your full focus, while your kids stay in school. We also accept insurance!

Expert Team: Our team specializes in diagnosing and treating mental, behavioral, and emotional health concerns.

Personalized Care: We listen to your worries and create a plan just for you. 

To do that, you need a supportive pediatric office that cares for both body and mind.

While many healthcare places only focus on physical health, we take care of your whole child, including their mind and their feelings.

If your child faces challenges like ADHD, anxiety, or depression, no need to stress. We're here for you, ensuring both mind and body stay healthy and strong.

Taking Care of Their Hearts & Their Minds

to help you navigate the challenges of parenthood, simplifying your journey. 

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from Our Patients

Kind Words

Pirate Pediatrics is our go-to for general health related problems, well child and ADHD. We switched to Pirate Pediatrics for ADHD and anxiety medication. They really care how things are going with our children and I very much appreciate their care.

- Rachel B.

Our son has been a patient of Dr. Morgan's for nine years and she is by far THE best in the pediatric field! We trust and appreciate her expertise and thoroughness when it comes to our son's physical, mental and emotional health! We highly recommend Dr. Morgan and her entire staff at Pirate Pediatrics!

- Lynn W.

You literally saved my daughter’s life. When we first met, she was so depressed and withdrawn. She is now back to herself and has even taken up new hobbies! You truly treat each of your patients like they are one of your own children. You will forever hold a special place in our heart. Thank you for your love and concern. We cannot express how much you mean to our family.

- Lauren K.

I love the personal care my kids get at Pirate Pediatrics. They are understanding of mental health conditions and the same doctor sees my kids for mental and general health. Creates a trusting environment. 

- Meagan L.

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